Archives for February 10, 2012

Is Your Story a B-Movie?

What do you think of when you look at the picture below?

And what about this one?

Chances are that you are thinking:

  1. Generic action movie.
  2. Generic horror movie.

We all know about B-Movies. They’re knock-offs. The same stories rehashed with different effects and characters who have different names. They’re typically the movies that we can get for free from our streaming service, because no one would be willing to pay for them. “The Fist of the _______.” The _________ Monster.” They are all the same. They are commodities. We only watch them when we’re bored and seeking a cheap thrill. There is nothing distinct in their storylines.

On Defying Genre

Guess what? Buyers experience businesses in the same way. Most businesses are like B-Movies. They’re all offering the same products or services and their only attraction is that they are cheap.

Your industry is your genre. Do your customers see you as just another company in your sector? Or, are you different? How can you become more than just another listing in the Yellow Pages? How can you become something worth paying extra for?

It’s all in the story you are telling. If you are spewing the same jargon and offering the same service as your competitors, you are commoditizing yourself. You are telling the same story as everyone else. That’s why B-Movies are B-Movies…and that’s why B-Businesses are B-Businesses.

If you lack a unique and compelling story, you lack distinction. You are competing on price. You are the cheap thrill. If, however, your story is one of a kind, you’ll defy genre. You’ll set yourself apart in your industry. You’ll be worth paying for.

What kind of story are you telling? Is it something different? Is it something people can believe in? Think about it.